Promo Codes at Part of the Past


Surely you have seen or read about promo codes. These are usually located through friends that provide them and they can allow access to benefits on betting websites. It is also common to receive promo codes through people who sell them via third party sites but are they essential?

Codes such as these are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and at we understand this new reality. For that reason, we don’t offer any promo code but instead, we allow an equal opportunity for all customers to take advantage of our deals. 

Does that mean that there is a reduced amount of promotions at or have we removed these offers altogether? Not at all! Players can still access a host of great deals but the difference is that you do not need any promo codes in order to access them. This leaves a level playing field where all customers can receive offers – not just a selected few who have happened to stumble across a bonus code.

Promo CodesWhat are Promo Codes?

You may have seen them in a number of areas of eCommerce and you may be aware of friends using promo codes but what are they? In simple terms, they consist of a code, usually composed of letters and numbers, that is entered into a website and a promotion is obtained. This promotion, in the majority of occasions, requires a payment and it would apply a discount on the purchase of a product or service.

On betting websites, promo codes aren’t uncommon but over time, many companies have been discarding them because they are not beneficial or profitable. Although it may seem strange, many users perceive the gifts as a bad strategy by a company, because they could possibly be suspicious of the motives behind them.

What are the Characteristics of Promo Codes?

If you tell a person that you will give them a promo code, which they can exchange for a discount, a gift or a payment, few would resist the offer. But, looking at it this from a company’s point of view, promo codes have many negative categories. To begin with, these are often characterized as unfair because a brand rarely sends promo codes to all users. The distribution is handled through third parties which means that exclusive groups will access promo codes while others will miss out.

In addition, promo codes aren’t always competitive and applying a large number of promo codes can be annoying for users who simply want to enter a betting platform to and start playing. Promotions should be beneficial and optional, but never invasive.

Why Doesn’t Have Promo Codes

Benefits and incentives are not gifts which are only intended for a selected few and equality is a valid reason why has removed the need for promo codes. Directly on the website, you can get many offers and promotions in return for certain actions such as signing up or referring a friend. When bonus offers are listed for all customers, promo codes become unnecessary.

If those promotions already exist, why have a promo code? Some users have started to reject offers because the process of inserting an alphanumeric code into a specific page may be too complicated. In addition, to guarantee equality, without promo codes there will be no users who benefit from them at the exclusion of others.

Why are Promo Codes not Convenient for Everyone?

It is true that promo codes can be considered as annoying and discriminating but what are the other reasons for avoiding them? When a person or a group of people gain access to too many promo codes, this can generate situations of economic loss for the company, because too many discounts are being applied to certain sectors of the business while sales in other areas miss out.

As a commercial strategy, promo codes could still be used if they are made available on an equal basis but promotions can easily take their place. In summary, poorly applied promo codes can generate a financial issue for the brand involved and they can indirectly affect their reputation. In turn, consumers start to lose faith and will look elsewhere for another supplier.

Promo Codes2

What Promotions Does Offer? has dispensed with promo codes, but does that mean they are against using promotions? That certainly isn’t the case as currently offers its users different promotions, depending on whether they play bingo, casino or live casino. Welcome promotions are listed, but there are others aimed at existing users as a reward for their loyalty.

As we have seen, divides its offers between different areas of the website. A promotion relating to bingo will not be the same as the one in the casino, and in turn, it will also be different from those listed in the lottery room. In addition, there is the potential to receive incentives just for referring friends to the website.

Welcome Offers

Welcome promotions are always interesting and at it’s not just a case of dishing out some free cash. Bonus funds are awarded on sign up and these can increase depending on how much a player is happy to deposit.

Those bonus funds are then triggered and they give the player an opportunity to stay on the site for longer and maybe try out games that they wouldn’t have otherwise played.

Bingo, Casino and Lottery

The promotions in these areas are specific to each platform and they are very varied. Here, you can take a promotion that will allow you to learn to play while using bonus funds provided by

Why Use and its Promotions? offers interesting and practical promotions to its users, without the necessity for promo codes. These codes are a thing of the past as far as we are concerned so all of our players can enjoy our promotions on an equal basis.