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Bingo is a game that dates back many years and it has remained popular for decades. That popularity created a need for land bingo establishments, then, once the internet was introduced, it opened up a whole new world for bingo lovers. Quality sites like came into existence and have been providing bingo play for thousands of players in many different parts of the world.

That customer base is expanding and there are many great factors in the site including free play bingo at

Free Bingo PlayWho are

As the name implies, this is an online platform that offers players the opportunity to not only enjoy bingo but many other forms of online gambling. Bingo lovers often come to to enjoy free play bingo then end up utilising all the other options offered by this platform.

This is a casino entity owned by the Kindred group who are recognised worldwide. The main company holds a collection of various casino brands and they are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission. The top priority at Kindred is safe and secure online casino game play.

What is Free Play Bingo wants to make every effort to ensure that Bingo lovers are going to have their best experiences on this platform and one of the concerns we address relates to new players. While bingo is an easy game to learn, there are a lot of variations that go with it and it can be confusing for newbies. runs promotions that allow for free bingo play for a period of time. The main purpose of this is to allow new players to the site to become comfortable with the platform and to get used to how bingo operates here.

What are the Benefits of Free Play Bingo?

No matter how often you play bingo on a new site, it takes some getting used to. It is like going to a new on-land bingo Hall for the first time. Players need to know how to get their cards and how to become familiar with some of the bingo patterns. Then, they need to get used to the speed of the caller and feel comfortable manoeuvring the mouse so they can mark the cards when their numbers are called. The free play bingo option allows for all of this and once the players move onto the standard bingo offering at, they feel totally at ease.

Many like the fact that they can meet new people in the free play room. These are friends that will continue a relationship with them once they move onto regular gameplay as well. This is a big advantage for players arriving at a Bingo site like for the first time.

What Happens After Free Free Bingo

Once players move on to the regular gameplay at, they are excited about the journey ahead. There are several bingo rooms to enjoy, and each of them has a high level of entertainment attached. Some examples are:

  • The Mystery: the set Jackpot for this room ranges between € 50 to €1000 and there is a chance to win the progressive jackpot. It is a 90 ball version of bingo and is open around the clock.

  • Supersonic 90: Another 90 ball bingo room with a set jackpot between € 25 to €75. This room is part of the jackpot network and players can enjoy this room 24/7.

  • The Grand: Players enter this room with the hopes of winning the set jackpot of € 50 to €1000. It is a 75 ball version with various patterns and it is part of the progressive jackpot. This is another one of the rooms that is open for play 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Glamour Hall: This 75 ball bingo room has a set jackpot of € 350. Players here are participating in the progressive jackpot, and again this is another room that is open around the clock.

  • Club Room: Various 75 ball patterns can be found in this bingo room. However, it is only open at special times, and players have to be invited to play here. It is not part of the progressive jackpot, and the set jackpots will vary.

  • The Pinnacle: The set jackpot available in this room from varies. It is not part of the progressive jackpot and players will only be able to play here during special occasions.

  • All-Stars: This room is restricted to Players who are network qualifiers. The progressive jackpot is part of this room, and the set jackpot is down at € 350. It operates on restricted hours and this is a room that plays the 75 ball variant.

  • Beginners Luck: This is the room that is reserved for the free play that offers. Even though there are no jackpots available, it is a great room for beginners.

With the number of rooms that are available, there is always some bingo action going on to suit all players.

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Why Play Bingo at has a reputation for providing quality casino gaming experiences and we work hard in identifying what bingo players want and what their expectations are. We can meet deposit and withdrawal needs as we serve bingo players in many parts of the world.

  • The Brand

The Brand has put as much emphasis on customer satisfaction for bingo players as we do for those account holders who enjoy other forms of casino games.

  • Fair Play

We are known for fair play and players will never get bored here as there is always something new and exciting taking place. The site is loaded with self-help information and it has a community of players that enjoy what has to offer.

  • Security

Players do not have to worry about the security of their personal information as this site makes this a priority. has spent several years in building a reputation, and the casino site just gets better all the time. Making bingo players feel like they are part of a community is something that has become much appreciated by our customers.