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When someone new to online casino play is about to start enjoying the services on offer, they often start with a check list of priorities and the first is to research the best place to play at. The second is to check out what that casino has to offer by way of promotions instead of Bingo promo codes. knows the casino industry very well and we understand what players are going to be looking for. We have made sure that we have everything to offer when it comes to casino gameplay, including promotions that are going to suit the different categories of online players.

What Promotions does have to Offer?

The portal is segregated into the major casino online categories, which are:

  • Bingo
  • Casino
  • Live Casino


Each of these categories attract players in their own right so we have a set of bingo, casino and live casino fans and must be able to cater to players in each of these categories. One of the ways in which we do this is through promotion marketing and this is what we mean:

The Bingo Platform Promotions

Bingo is, of course, extremely popular at and we are continuously making this section of our casino bigger and better. We will always have ongoing promotions, although these will continuously change, as change can help to make promotions more effective. In the bingo category, the casino focuses on promotions that serve different purposes:

  • Promotions that revolve around free gameplay
  • Chances to take some form of free spins
  • Weekend designated promotions
  • Midweek Deals

  • Extended gameplay for additional chances to win

The Casino Platform Promotions

Players who enjoy the casino section at are never left out when it comes to promotions. Better still, there is always a selection that specifically caters to casino action and some examples of’s casino promotions include:

  • Tournaments
  • Free Spins
  • Designated times for extra jackpots

How Important are Casino Promotions?

Casino promotions are important to both the casino brand and the players that use them. When they have been developed properly and have true value to them, they serve their purpose well and will benefit both parties.

  • For the Casino Brand:


The promotions that a casino offers say a lot about the brand. If they are innovative and exciting, then players can expect the same from the rest of the platform.

The first intention of the promotion is to provide benefits to the casino. For example, a promotion may be released with the aim of promoting a new bingo product. A promotion could consist of a period that the new game could be tried and, if it’s a slot machine, there may be some free spins. This serves as a quick and effective introduction to that game.

Online casinos want their players to be involved as much as possible. Players can be distracted from this during holidays and special occasions. Christmas is an obvious example and casinos such as will make sure they have lots of enticing promotions during these periods, so they can keep the attention of their players.

The popularity of the promotions can help the marketing department of the casino determine the mindset of the players. If a promotion is extremely popular, then it was clearly important to the players. If it received little take up, the casino knows they offered something that players weren’t really looking for.

  • For the Players:

Promotions can be just as important for the players but there are times when promotions get overused, or they are too restrictive. When this happens, it can tend to deter players from taking advantage of them. If developed properly, the benefits are important, and may include:

Being able to take part in a promotion that may allow for experimenting with other games.

A promotion can set a player up for some extra cash, and everyone appreciates it when they have additional funds to play with.

Some promotions, such as those that involve tournament play, are comprised of a challenge, and winners not only enjoy the prize but the satisfaction of becoming the victor.

Promotions can keep players interested. No matter how much players at enjoy their bingo or casino play, they need some incentives at times. The promotions change the normal routine that many players follow.

What to Look for When Checking Out Promotions

Knowing what to look for in promotions will give players at confidence in realising that they made the right choice for their casino and bingo action. are experienced at knowing what our players want but if you don’t know exactly what to expect from this type of offer, here are the main factors to look for:

What is in it for the player? Every player has some form of expectation but does a particular promotion address this? examples

    The casino may run a promotion where, for example, a full house is won in a bingo game, but that game will then continue with several extra chances to win an additional prize pool.

    All of the promotions have a reward that will offer some value to the winners, no matter what their preferred gameplay is. A greater share of the pot as illustrated in the above scenario is a perfect example of this.

    • What is the outcome? If a player joins in a promotion, what is the potential outcome? If it is going to be too time-consuming or it revolves around a game that is not of interest to the player, then the reward from the promotion may not be worth it.



    • Is it too restrictive? Every promotion comes with terms and conditions. Players know this, but they don’t want the rules to be so rigid that a positive outcome is too hard to achieve. example

    The welcome promotion at comes with play-through requirements. These are reasonable, and many players end up making withdrawals on winnings that they have earned with the bonus money given to them. plans their promotions very carefully, always keeping in mind what the players want and by understanding this, we help to keep our players happy.

    Something else that does with its promotions, is to make sure they are equal in terms of who they are created for. In other words, all the emphasis is not put on new players. Established players are equally appreciated and recognised through ongoing promotions.