Who Needs Bonus Codes? Not Bingo.com

When signing up to websites such as Bingo.com, just about everyone has been on the lookout for those codes that will give you a discount or a nice little bonus to get you started. Most services have offers that can be claimed with a code, with some being more widely advertised than others.

However, with Bingo.com the need for a promo code in order to claim a bonus has been abolished – with all new players being able to take advantage of the bonuses on offer – not just the lucky few who have stumbled upon a code.

Bonus CodesWhat Are Bonus Codes?

Bonus codes are special codes that, when used, will give you discounts or bonuses on an array of websites and product offerings. They’re often found in advertisements, or on third-party websites where a number of bonus codes are gathered into one place. Some codes will have a limit as to how many people can claim them or they will have an expiry date, while others are unlimited in both respects.

Bonus codes provide benefits to customers by rewarding them for signing up to a site or purchasing a product. These codes are often used on gambling websites to provide players who use them when signing up with extra money or tokens to play with. It’s important to note that when using bonus codes on a gambling website there may be restrictions in place as to when you can withdraw any winnings earned from bonus money. For instance, there may be wagering requirements or minimum deposit restrictions in place before a withdrawal of bonus code winnings can be made.

Why Does Bingo.com Not Use Bonus Codes?

To say that bingo.com doesn’t offer bonus codes may suggest that we don’t provide any bonuses or incentives to new or existing players, but this would be an inaccurate assumption. With bingo.com, rather than only awarding bonuses to players with a code – every new player receives those bonuses upon signing up, and the website has other bonuses and promotions that reward players for their continued use of the website.

Offering bonus codes can make things too complex for the customer when signing up, adding extra fields to the sign-up process and requiring the player to be on the lookout for any available codes. However, bonus codes can sometimes be more lucrative for the players as, restricting the number of people who can benefit can allow greater bonuses for those who are able to use it – as opposed to a policy of offering a, sometimes smaller, bonus to everyone.

Would Bonus Codes be Better?

As was mentioned previously – by using a system of only providing bonuses to those with codes, the rewards can sometimes be greater. Bingo.com has a bonus system that rewards everyone who signs up as a new player (currently those who deposit when they sign up can receive additional playing funds). Removing a need for codes to access special offers allows everyone to enjoy the same rewards and this can boost the number of people signing up.

However, some people enjoy searching for codes that give them special perks and bonuses that other people may not know about. Different setups work for different companies; whereby some companies offer bonus codes that allow exclusive rewards to a limited number of people, giving a feeling of exclusivity and having something that others don’t, while others will reward everyone and treat every player as being the same.

A further advantage of bonus codes for companies is the ability to use them as sources of data that will allow them to further target their customer base. For instance, putting different bonus codes on different platforms/adverts will allow the company to know which processes are having the largest reach in terms of people actually using the codes. In turn, this provides an opportunity to further target the mediums which lead to the most significant uptake of the bonus codes moving forward.

Bonus Codes2

How to Benefit from Welcome Bonuses

Websites are all seeking ways to stand out and to provide potential players with reasons to sign up and play with them rather than their competitors. Bingo.com has a variety of promotions to reward players – whether that be bonuses to play with upon signing up or those that allow players to earn more bonuses by referring their friends to the platform. They can also be awarded for playing a particular game.

Take a look at the different promotions on offer and find out how signing up with bingo.com could benefit you. Other sites will require you to have codes to receive bonuses, but Bingo.com rewards everybody for signing up and for their continued loyalty to the website. Markets are all being pushed into finding new, and exciting ways, of offering incentives to potential customers and to encourage them to keep coming back – and with the amount of competition that is out there in all industries, this can only be of benefit to those consumers.

By signing up to bingo.com and depositing your first set of funds to play with, you could be playing with more than that initial deposit and that will give you more time to play at the site.

Read the Rules and Terms

Before signing up to any platform to take advantage of a promotion, it’s advisable to always read the rules of the promotion and any terms and conditions that may apply to it. Are there any minimum wagering requirements before you can withdraw any winnings? Are there any restrictions in place that may prevent you from being able to claim the promotion or withdraw any winnings as a result?

As with all things in life, it’s always best to know exactly where you stand before you go ahead so that you can avoid any disappointment later on. Common rules for promotions on gambling sites will include the minimum you must deposit before you can claim a bonus and a minimum you must wager before any winnings will be paid out.

Also, gambling sites such as bingo.com are strictly for those who are 18 are over, and ID checks are enforced – meaning nothing can be gained by signing up when underage, and you could be breaking the law by doing so.